Aesthetical Interference

“The methods of getting rid of the trash and waste of humanity and making them invisible have determined the existential form of the civilization. However, this effort to get rid of or make invisible have become more and more difficult as a consequence of the development of civilization, urbanization and the need for more living space. Modernity has did its best to make this ‘excess’ invisible. Lavatories and sewer pipes have been designed to send the waste to faraway seas, fundamentally to ‘absence’ by flushing the toilet.”

Operation Room meets the audience with a new exhibition comprised by the artist Özgül Arslan’s photos and videos focused on the pollution problem in Kurbağalıdere; one of the symbols of the Kadıköy district in Istanbul.

Özgül Arslan began working on her project in August of 2015, using a measure of white tulle that she hanged over Kurbağalıdere. She was confronted with the stream on a daily basis, as until recently has had major pollution problems, being a Kadıköy resident herself.

Until November 2015, she documented the relationship between the tulle and the pollution using photographs and videos, sharing the changes happening with the tulle with hashtags #maruz and #exposure, including the public into the project. She continued these observations of the stream throughout the year.

For “Aesthetical Interference”, all the mentioned documentation have been put together in a new order specifically designed for Operation Room, under Seda Yavuz’s curation. Starting on the 24th November 2016, the visitors of the exhibition will be met with a book designed by Ulaş Uğur, and exhibition direction by Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu.
Özgül Arslan, Aesthetical Interference
January 21, 2016 / November 24, 2017
Operation Room
#estetikmüdahale #aestheticalinterference ✪

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