April Rain – One Is Glad To Be Of Service by April Rain

April Rain began in 2012 as a one-man band in Krasnodon, Ukraine and its first tunes were composed under the influence of Sigur Ros. In 2013, the first album “Waiting For Sunrise” was released. At that time, April Rain was still a one-man band. In 2014, however, the group went through major changes and three more musicians became its vital part, playing on various gigs in Lugansk. Due to the civil war in Ukraine, Valeriy, one of the band members moved to Russia, where the group’s second album and “Songs For Someone” EP were recorded and released. At this time April Rain is 4-piece band situated in Saint-Petersburg. Music of April Rain is pain converted to sounds.

To pursue a horizon that is forever receding, that is the destiny of every human being . What unites humanity as a species is not the way we look, think, or act, but it’s simply the fact that we experience a continuous pain, a sexual drive that leads us to want more. With One Is Glad To Be Of Service, April Rain comprehends this universal pain; a pain that lies within us, which we find in nature and which makes us feel a yearning that unites us all in our humanity.

One Is Glad To Be Of Service is a conscious record. It draws from the depths of human experience; ancient history, contemporary culture, natural phenomena, and mathematics. It finds the human condition to be glorious and sad at the same time. It offers melancholia, without losing touch with that one spark of hope that is the future.

April Rain continuously contemplates the human condition and switches back and forth in a metamodern oscillation between acceptance and rejection. One Is Glad To Be Of Service shows April Rain to be a perfect children of this age. In combining the atmosphere of MONO with the lively energy of Tides From Nebula, he gratefully tips his hat to great instrumental rock acts, yet April Rain constitutes more than the sum of its influences. With One Is Glad To Be Of Service, April Rain feels the heart of our times, and it aches, badly.


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