Arbouretum: Mind awake, body asleep, eargasm is on!

From the debut album till that time, the band has the greatest sound and distinctive vocals that have always been praised.Arbouretum’s most significant part in those albums are the lyrics. Heumann’s lyrics always take you with him on an adventure.

Recently, they have announced the new album, Song of the Rose, out on 24th of March via Thrill Jockey Records. The album starts with ‘Call Upon the Fire’. Thoroughly hypnotic from the first moment, Come streaming through the door as the lyrics underline.

The title-track is those lovely rare times feeling the lo-fi sounds of Arboretum which brings much more fuzzy riffs till the end of the song. The song is like the ritual of the album which you want it to keep on and on. As if it was in segues, The Absolution Song, which we might call it “the experimental lullaby”, that goes perfectly with the song. ✪

Arboretum @ThrillJockey – 2017 Must-listen

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