Astronomical Time-Slip Chapter #1

_ “Suspend your sorrow. There is an important thing to do.”
_ “As is always the case.”
_ “How old are you again?”
_ “21”
_ “Good. You have one more year left. Then you’re gonna start to feel small. So small. You’re gonna start losing your self”
_ (Her face gone sour)
_ “Haha! You already lost one part of it, didn’t you!? You couldn’t even hold couple of pieces together, didn’t you!?”

“Naaah! Do not worry, it would have happened anyway. It does not matter.

It would not matter. No, not at all. She couldn’t put her finger on what does it mean, but something in Destinova* resonated immediately within her. When she gave a thought to this, she felt a bit on edge just for few seconds.

Flanking stars, Destinova yelled. “Share things from the old days, will you!”

That was not the sort of thing to be heard from her. After crossing the Universe she left. It was then that I ate the Sun. ✪

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