Astronomical Time-Slip Chapter #2

Written by Eysan Demirkaya Edited by Melis Salihoglu
February '16

I though I was reaching something strong.
Wrong! I was running exactly from it.

Crystal Mountain remained at where it was before. I have not gone far.

On skinned knees, I crawled.
Calm down. Shatter all the fear, disbelief, and doubt.
You got this.

And Crystal Mountain remained at where it was before.
That which inflicts fear, pain, suffering, and confusion remained at exactly where it has been in forever.

That is how it has done its tricks.
It was not just a self-induced fantasy. It was a trap all along set to confine all … that what we are.

What truly are we? Within all the pain, suffering, and fear I could not have named.

They named us the Hallowed. Humans. Only beings that remained in a Sunless Universe.

They got us all wrong. ✪


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