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‘Cevdet Erek, is known as one of the main artists working with sound, space and rhythm in Turkish contemporary art scene. The most significant themes seen in his work appear as very controlled intervention (LESS), decisive use of emptiness and voids (EMPTY), and a certain open-endedness (MAYBE). Form is extremely important for Erek. He works with minimal interventions to suggest a certain field/platform and a certain interface. Although he gives hints about his inclinations he doesn’t want to determine exactly where our journey will end. Erek do not prefer to refer to his art as a completed, well-integrated art adventure: he enjoys to emphasis the continuity of ambiguity and contingency.

Obviously, equipped with an awareness about sound, space and rhythm, Erek has been one of the majör examples of a critical attitude to art in Turkey in 2000s. We hope Cevdet Erek’s genuine contribution to the art world will be more visible as a result of this book.’

Süreyyya Evren

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Süreyyya Evren

interview |
Süreyyya Evren & Cevdet Erek

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The Withdrawal of the Object of the Return of Aesthetics
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Bülent Tanju

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Missing Beats: The Suggestive Politics of Rhythm
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Cevdet Erek: Alt Üst
Morgan Quaintance

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