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Comity: A Long, Eternal Fall

“Each one of our records are concept albums from the beginning. So, as usual, the lyrics are the same for every track of the record, and that’s why all the songs are untitled. As a band, our experience grows and grows. We get better as musicians and songwriters everyday. We can’t wait to know how we will sound in ten years. On the other hand, as human beings, we get older and older, starting to lose people we love, getting closer to death everyday, and we become fathers, family men, we ‘re writing our own history on a daily basis. The question is, what will remain of us the day we’ll leave this word? what is our legacy worth if we’re not there anymore to see it? This is what this album is all about. To quote from Emile Cioran, a French/Romanian philosopher “Time is shut, unreachable.”Another relevant quote from writer/poet Victor Hugo is: “Grass has to grow and children have to die, I know it, oh my God!”

There’s nothing really different in the writing process, but as I said, we’re getting better and better as musicians and songwriters everyday, we have been playing together for almost 20 years now, so we know that whatever we play we’ll sound like COMITY. Our mix of different kinds of music and the different kinds of feelings or the sounds we use gets richer record by record. We put more “light” in this one than ever before.”

Despite releasing forward-thinking records that have pushed the boundaries of noisy, technical hardcore, Parisian band Comity has remained one of France’s best kept secret since their formation 20 years ago. The band entered the studio during fall 2016 with producer Fred Rochette to track “A Long, Eternal Fall”, their fourth album. These eight tracks are the band’s most definitive musical statement to date, more extreme than the grinding madness of their early days and more massive than the aerial, post-metal leanings of their two previous release, showcasing their love for all things dissonant. ✪

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