The works included in Disquiet possess a sense of dreamlike unease. Sometimes this is expressed through phantasmagorical scenarios that are not tied to the real world and where time and space seem suspended. At other times it is exemplified by rearticulating historical and political narratives to let the imaginary, rather than historical or political fact, take centre stage. Reality in these works does not come to a halt but mutates into a possibility that is either one of ominous dread or one of cautious hope. Very much akin to the uncertain times we live in. One could say that disquiet is an unwanted state of mind in an era when we desire to predict everything. This exhibition calls on the viewer to surrender to the unexpected, the weird, and the mystifying in order to make place again for serendipity, wonder and discovery.

Exhibition: Disquiet
Location: Mısır Apartmanı 163/4 No:13 Kat:4 ,İstanbul
Dates: 25 September – 06 November 2014
Hours: 10:00am – 7pm (Except Sundays)

Disquiet  1

Disquiet  1 ✪

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