Documentary about Jean-Luc Godard’s final days before his farewell

Friend of Jean-Luc Godard produced a documentary about the final days leading up to his assisted suicide.
July '23
08 02 2002, Zürih, --- Jean-Luc Godard --- Image © CHRISTOF SCHUERPF

The intellectual circle of friends that Fabrice Aragno, Jean-Paul Battagia, Nicole Brenez, Mathilde Incerti, and Mitra Farahani formed around Jean-Luc Godard during his final months on earth.

Now we learn that Farhani was filming a documentary during Godard’s final creative phase thanks to her strong friendship with him.

The CNC announced funding for its most recent quarter on June 30, 2023, and one of the projects chosen was the new Godard movie directed by Farahani and made by Écran Noir Productions.

According to the synopsis, Farahani followed JLG’s final months of life as he worked on his final film, “Scenario,” up until his assisted suicide in Switzerland on September 13, 2022.


When Jean-Luc Godard left the world on September 13, 2022, it was following a script written by him, voluntary death. For two years he had been working on a final film titled “Scénario”, produced by Écran Noir Productions in co-production with Arte. [The doc] traces the fragile schedulinh of these last few months of creation. As agony fills the horizon, the work resists to the final limits. The day before his voluntary death, Jean-Luc Godard addresses his last words in front of a camera, the final instructions for an unfinished work. ✪


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