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Duo Concertantes [Lawrence Jordan, 1964]

Jordan's collage films are an early example of animation that steadfastly moves beyond the pigeonhole of entertainment to explore experimental animation as an art form.

What Occurs at Night time by Peter Cameron

Humorous and haunting, gothic and dazzling—What Occurs at Night time is a novel in contrast to something you’ve ever learn. Referred to as “astonishing” (Michael Cunningham) and “thrillingly mysterious and gorgeously written” (Sigrid Nunez), it’s a spellbinding Franz Kafka-Wes Anderson story a…

Subway poems

What is a subway poem? I write subway poems from time to time. This poem is one of them. Do you want to know what a subway poem is? Let’s say the answer is yes. So here’s what a subway…

Extract from ‘A Season with Verona’

Incanto Hellas Verona vinci per noi! I still remember my amazement when I first heard myself shouting those words. “Hellas Verona, win for us.” It’s a kind of liturgy. Next you yell: Hellas Verona segni per noi! I yell it with…

Dave2000: Pas un artiste, un ninja [FR]

Dave, bonjour, je te remercie encore une fois pour avoir accepté de donner cette interview. Sous le label de Protopronx et Sazalamuth, tu produis dans un large eventail de discipline, de design graphique à des films animés. Puis-je te demander…


Dogme by Kontrafaktus Kontrafaktus bandcamp Kontrafaktus Facebook ;✪