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[Nekropsi] Monthly

##nekropsi (founded in 1989 as “Necropsy”) is a beyond-mental musical group from Istanbul, Turkey. After the release of their four track thrash metal demo Speed Lessons Part I in 1992, their sound evolved into a new hybrid and become eclectic with the release of the…

Shigeru Ban: Humanitarian Architecture

In 1994, after seeing photographs of the plastic sheets given to Rwandan refugees to live under, Shigeru Ban went to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to propose ideas for better shelters.

Deadhorse/Brian Morgante: Create our own world?

We had completed this ##interview with ##deadhorse in 2010 just before Futuristika! English jumped into [another] hiatus. After all, we are still alive just as Deadhorse is and we have pulled out from the archive as ##brian morgante tells about…

Can Can Heads: A joyful chaos

#can can heads is a band from Finland, heavily influenced by #no wave, #skronk, #free jazz, #hardcore punk, all things noisy. We have spoken with the band's drummer Janne Mäki -Turja.

Neither with John Cage

One 11 and 103 is a film and sound composition produced by John Cage, under the direction of Henning Lohner.