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[Wenches] Raw, no bullshit

Assembled from broken bits and leftover chunks of various known and unknown groups in the punk, metal and post-hardcore world, Wenches hail from Bloomington, Indiana in the heart of the Midwest. Described by No Echo as “raw, no bullshit…undiluted rock realness” and…

The Poet

The Transcendentalists were sufficiently close, both geographically and philosophically, to the anesthetic revolution that their recordings of their encounters and experiments are hardly surprising.

[ICE] The Ice Age

In 1970, the band recorded 10 original songs at 8-Track Studios in Chicago, only to break up shortly thereafter. Two of the tracks were eventually released as a 45 in 1972, but confusingly under a different band name, Zukus! The A-side…

[Holy Sons] Raw and Disfigured

The music of Emil Amos is at once intimate and expansive. Under the name Holy Sons, as well as with bands Om, Grails, and Lilacs and Champagne, Amos harnesses boundless sonic textures to embellish delicately crafted songs.

[PG.LOST] Oscillate

This is PG.LOST’s Oscillate  — the band’s latest LP packed to the gills with pure drama and catharsis. Their fifth overall and first effort since 2016’s much lauded Versus, Oscillate leans on an instrumental approach and while their keen understanding oftension/release may warrant comparison to the likes of MONO, Explosions in the…

[Alpha Hopper]

Formed in Buffalo, New York in 2014, Alpha Hopper creates a frenetic stew of guitar-driven rock'n'roll with ingredients from punk, hardcore, noise rock, and no-wave.

Alberto Savinio – Tragedy of Childhood

Childhood — a continuous wave of revolution, systematically crushed by those reactionaries, the “grown ups.” A tireless revolution and never disappointed, because it has no inkling of the defeat in store for it. The rear guard does not see the…


The Wolves Amongst the Flower by Bataille An Atlanta band to throw dirt in your eye with the mix of post punk and noise rock. The band is based on the writings of Georges Bataille, and the band speaks by quoting philosophers…