Erkut Terliksiz – Today is your lucky day

The act of painting is a continuation of his daily routine, akin to a breath of air and sometimes he coughs loudly, only to take a deep breath again. When he does this, rest assured that he can be the most volatile assassin of all: just as you thought the painting is finished and touches your heart, he will attack the painting with patches of color; covering most of what you thought was “beautiful”, he will restart with an assured grin on his face. This brings us to the ever mutating subject of “beauty”. These works here encompass a certain disregard for beauty at first sight but then slowly reveal their inner workings and the secret hexagonal emotions they contain.

The works communicates on many levels whether you are close or at a distance from the surface, whether you look at them in pairs or as series, or when you isolate them in your hands. They communicate not through obvious references that catch your eye, but rather they slowly start to whisper in your ear their innate narrative or could we say “their meaning”. The amorphous figurines roll over green hills, they blink, they scream, they cry. Like us, they hide the intentions of their actions only revealing glimmers of their possible emotional states. Some of the resulting curious facial expressions can be half sneezing/ half puzzled, half angry/ half asleep, half in love/ half bored: never the exact opposites, but surreal derivatives resulting in a maelstrom of feelings sending complex messages to the beholder.

Fatih Kızılgök

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