[Exclusive Audio Stream] Golden Void – Dervishing

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Golden Void is the new face of Bay Area psychedelic rock music. It’s a rich tradition and like many of the tradition’s greats, their songs are firmly rooted in melody and not afraid of deeper exploration. The band’s hooks get stuck in your head and their riffs will transport you to the astral plane. With the release their second album “Berkana” via Thrill Jockey next month (out 18th September), the band have just shared a new song taken from it called “Dervishing”. From the solos that hang and float off into space to the riffs that build and sway over and over, they have delivered a heavy psych rock track that hits every itch you would want in great music. Golden Void are led by Earthless’ Isaiah Mitchell, who explained the meaning behind the song:

“The lyrics are very simple in meaning. The world is turning constantly and forever changing. Rotation of seasons and cycles. We are of the earth and we also are constantly changing and everything around is constantly changing. I felt that the image of the whirling dervish would be an appropriate metaphor to express our oneness with the earth. I want the listener to hear the hope and positivity for a happy planet that this song conveys to me.”

1. Burbank’s Dream
2. Silent Season
3. Dervishing
4. Astral Plane
5. I’ve Been Down
6. The Beacon
7. Storm and Feather

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