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Gagakirise is the Tokyo based duo of Sachio Yoshizawa on guitar and Ryo Inoue on drums. They are a major force in the Japanese underground since 2006, having released 2 albums and a split with Juiceboxxx as well as touring the US several times. They have toured Japan with the likes of Black Pus and others. Gagakiriseye is their first release for an American label and features the notorious EYE of Boredoms fame, whose appearance here marks his first recorded material in some time.

Gagakirise’s music is a reconstruction of rock music, using the basic elements and merging them with other Japanese styles and playing as energetically and as loudly as they can. EYE adds a distinctive percussive and maniacal presence to the proceedings. This is wild, unrestrained music that is boundless in its creativity, color, and hunger for the new.

Gagakiriseye 1 ✪

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