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[Manolis Anastasakos] Personhood II

Hush Gallery presents “Personhood II”, the solo show of Manolis Anastasakos between January 10 and March 9, 2015. The artist’s work is a reflection of the time when Greece came under the supervision of the IMF and the EU in 2010. It is also a mirror of the tension caused by the riot atmosphere provoked by the media. He records the reflections of this atmosphere on behaviors, inner thoughts and emotions of the people. The exhibition focuses on the social unrest depending on the fear of poverty and the financial recession. The work can be seen at Hush Gallery, located in Yeldeğirmeni between the hours of 11:00 and 19:00 Tuesday to Sunday.
Manolis Anastasakos is a multi-discipline artist producing painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video in Athens. His work was recently shown at one of Brussel’s most important art center – BOZAR’s “No Country for Young Men” exhibition. He had exhibited three solo shows before and for the first time his works will meet with the audience in Istanbul.

The artist aims to give form to feelings that were intuitively provoked by the signs of unrest all around him. He uses objects and symbols that are plentifully scattered in the ruins of the social and political life. He makes the audience face with the outcome of every human personhood and inner individuality. His artwork is a metaphor for all of the financially devastated countries all over the world.

“I try to find why, we are looking for happiness, but the certainty has bigger importance for us. Essentially I haven’t found anything yet, however, I enjoy searching.” Personhood II exhibition invites the audience to witness this questioning and exploration of Anastasakos.

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