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[Tucker Theodore] Lewiston By The Sea

The sound that refuses to settle

New album Lewiston By The Sea, again released with Antiquated Future, only furthers these sentiments. The record originated from what is described as “skeleton recordings,” produced at the beginning the pandemic with nothing but a cheap synthesizer and a guitar, then evolved slowly over the year as long-distance collaborations fleshed out the tracks. Featuring guest vocals from the likes of Colleen Johnson (Flying Circles) and Jeff Shannon (If It Ain’t Breakfast Don’t Fix It), the result is experimental even by Theodore’s standards, cycling between a variety of narrators and personalities. The shapeshifting doesn’t end there, as the sound also refuses to settle in any one groove, constantly switching between genres and styles.

With vocal contributions from Madeline Johnston of Midwife, Colleen Johnson of Flying Circles, and Jeff Shannon of If It Ain’t Breakfast Don’t Fix It, among others, the album’s 14 songs push and pull between narrators and tones, lyric-driven pieces and instrumentals, each song different than the last. Tracked and mixed between long days working his family farm, this is Tucker Theodore’s biggest, wildest, and most multi-layered effort yet. ✪