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Holy Sons – Fall of Man

The multi-instrumentalist and mastermind behind Holy Sons, Emil Amos (and member of Om, Grails, and Lilacs & Champagne) carves out new territory on his most diverse release to date, “Fall of Man”, which was released last Friday in Europe.

He has added more hooks and glorious pop balladry to his songs while still retaining the intimacy and psychological depth from his earlier recordings. This is no where more evident than the album’s title track, a sumptuous song with hazy guitar lines. The more you listen to it, the more you fall for the song.

Watch the accompanying mystical video for Fall of Man, directed by White Hills’ Ego Sensation and featuring members of Brooklyn based psych-heads, Dommengang.

Fall of Man is yet another dimension in the astonishingly diverse sonic arsenal that Amos deftly wields. The album brings together many of those sides of Emil Amos; the rocker, the silk-voiced singer, the pessimist, the meticulous producer, and the lost child of the 1970s.

After a successful tour with Grails earlier this year, Holy Sons will be back in Europe from January 2016 for a tour with Bay Area psychedelic rock group, Golden Void.

Holy Sons and Golden Void Tour:

28th Jan – Leuven, Belgium – Sojo * – tickets
29th Jan – London, UK – The Black Heart * – tickets
30th Jan – Birmingham, UK – The Rainbow *
31st Jan – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club *
2nd Feb – Paris, France – Batofar *
3th Feb – Lausanne, Switzerland – Le Romandie *
4th Feb – Frauenfeld, Switzerland – KAFF *
5th Feb – Linz, Austria – Kapu *
6th Feb – Torino, Italy – Blah Blah *
7th Feb – Ravenna, Italy – Bronson *
9th Feb – Vienna, Austria – Arena * – tickets
10th Feb – Prague, Czech Republic – Klub 007 *
11th Feb – Berlin, Germany – Musik & Frieden * – tickets
12th Feb – Siegen, Germany – Vortex Club * – tickets
13th Feb – Liege, Belgium – La Zone *

* with Golden Void ✪

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