Katre – Encounters [Erkan Oğur and post-metal]

Katre is a band from Turkey which explores the areas of post-rock / post-metal synthesized with classic eastern tunes and experiments on the sustain of the sound. However, the distinguishing aspect of their musical approach lies in the subtle integration of the eastern tunes in post-metal, without being overly an “oriental” band.

Encounters is a concept album and focuses on the subject of existence. By applying the ebow on electric and fretless guitars, Katre sustains the sound, and in doing so they combine the techniques of the west and the eastern culture, in which they grew up. Inspired by the stages that span conception and birth, to growth and self-awareness, the album explores these ideas through the two chapters, Existing and Existence.

It is very important to mention that Erkan Oğur honored Katre by playing fretless guitars and additional ebows as a special guest in the album’s opening track.


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