Post-punk solidarity record for YPJ – Rojava

The ongoing Rojava Revolution in autonomous region in northern Syria has been receiving attention from libertarian communities overall Europe. Consisting of the three cantons, Jazira, Kobani and Afrin, the struggle of Kurdish women against Islamic State is now saluted by a post-punk compilation album released by Saudade and Rusted Teeth. You can order the album and help Rojava on establishing a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender and religion equality. All support will be received to all-female battalion – YPJ in Rojava. We have talked to Rune Alexanderson from Saudade about this post-punk record and have been streaming amazing three bands from the album.

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[Fütüristika/Omer Naci Jr.] Can you inform us about the label, when and how was it founded?

[Saudade] Saudade was founded in December 2014, as a label focused on post-punk genre. I used to have a label that I had felt lost focus and direction. Mostly because I released all sorts of genres with that, i.e. hip-hop, punk, ska. So I wanted to do something else and since the post-punk scene has evolved like a forest fire in the last five years and it is just amazing to follow that, I wanted to focus on that exclusively.

Saudade is a project of passion; I really do not make any money on the releases I put out, so I have a job as a freelance illustrator on the side to pay the bills, food and the records that I produce.

Can you tell us about YPJ supporting compilation? How did you decide it? How did you organize the bands?

The compilation is a combination of two things: First, I was sick and frustrated of hearing about all the atrocities that are being perpetrated by ISIS in the Middle East and it made me feel powerless to say the least. I felt so bad about the fact that I sit here in safety, while all these horrors have been taking place while my biggest worry is what I am going to have for lunch. I felt like I needed to do something. So I was talking to a good friend of mine about it and she sent me an article about YPJ and what they do. After reading the details, I was blown away, it really touched me. So I thought that it would be great to do a support compilation of female-fronted bands, from the post-punk scene.

As I said earlier, the post-punk scene is amazing these days and for some reason, in my opinion, all the greatest ones are female-fronted bands. So I thought that it would be perfect for the support compilation. So two friends, with another friend  -the founder of Rusted Teeth- and I made sort of a database of all our favorite post-punk bands and just wrote them via Facebook. Most of the bands wrote back within hours and said yes. A few months later, we had collected all the tracks and we were ready to send the whole thing to the pressing plant. We financed the album with money that was leftover money from another record I released some time ago and my buddy behind ‘Rusted Teeth’ contributed with the last money.

Can you tell us about activist movements regarding this compilation for Rojava cantons? How do people react?

People have been incredibly positive and supportive about this project, we’ve been helped out by a Cvlt Nation, Enhedslisten [A danish left-wing party, Red-Green Allience], feminist-groups, bands, activists within the punk-scene. Also, a bunch of amazing people in Sweden are arranging a YPJ-support concert, where all proceeds goes to YPJ, the show is also the release-concert for this compilation, where we have three great bands on the bill. Two of them appears on the compilation. The support for the project has been overwhelming.

What should be done?

The best way to support this compilation, is to buy it. If you have a distro, find us on Facebook and we’ll figure something out. I really want this project to get out there. The bands on it are amazing and it supports an incredibly important cause. It would be a shame if it did not get out there.

YPJ-Support compilation 1

YPJ-Support compilation 2YPJ-support compilation 12″ vinyl

All proceeds from this album goes to YPJ.

Tracklist: ✪

1: Svart magi: Cool Surf
2: Belgrado: Progress
3: Artficial Monuments: Succumb
4: Prison: Rattler
5: Dead Cult: My Eyes
6: Totenwald: Sex Sells
7: Stations: Master/Disciple
8: Catholic Spit: Sick Sick Sex
9: Grey Places: Exit Wounds
10Infinte Void: These Days
11: Flowers & Fire: Pale Nights

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