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Ambient stories by Virlyn

Virlyn aka Frédéric Vanderlynden is a sound artist from Belgium, whose music was ignited at an early age. As soon as he was able, he started recording his favourite tracks off the Belgian radio and making mix tapes using an old-time mixer he acquired for a small price. In his early twenties he went to university and got a degree in history and in film and visual culture. This did not only keep him interested in cinema but also sparked his interest in atmospheric music and sound design; a genre and direction of music making he’s still exploring. Since then his music is evolving into an organic symbiosis of classical instruments and an electronic transformation of field recordings. He also got intrigued by the use and alteration of recorded vocals and spoken word.

In his album “Arctic Radio” he further explores the unconventional use of the violin, flute, cello, piano etc to create moody and refined textures. The electronic aspect further deepens and elaborates the tone of the tracks, resulting in a varied array of ambient soundscapes. Adding to the musical aspect is the desire to convey filmic and visual thrills; encouraging and guiding the listener’s imagination into cinematic narratives and moods. The outcome is a highly conceptual album filled with detailed and sensitive ambient stories.

Arctic Radio
Release Date: 25 December 2015
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