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Row Boat – Romance

Row Boat - Romance 1‘Romance’ was the first release from Row Boat back in 2009. It heralds the beginning of the ever changing sounds and structure of one man composer Mark Wardale to this day. Now, Fluttery Records have decided to re-release the E.P which is regarded by many fans as a real glimpse into the ambient and experimental world.

Whereas now many people refer to Row Boat as a post-rock project, it all started out with glistening xylophones & violins, abundant textures and lots of horns. Romance is the ultimate accompaniment to Mark Wardale’s most recent album ‘In Between’, were we saw him reign in the heavier guitars and take a small step back into the Romantic side of music and composition. These two go hand in hand. And once again Daniela Patrizi was called upon to work on the concept and design for the artwork. It’s clear to see a lot was thought of when it came to the re-release, notably the importance of imagery against the music which is something that composer Mark takes very seriously.

This E.P has everything packed into 4 songs. From the uplifting and feel good cinematic songs ‘Bella’ and title track ‘Romance’ which are packed full of vibrance, to the more obscure, experimental and thought-provoking ‘Ljudet’ and ‘Gjenfødt’. To not listen to this E.P, is to not experience the true relationship between ambience and art.
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