Nils Bertho – Reference to bad taste



Nils Bertho is a young french artist, graduated high level from School of Fine Arts, opened the gallery “Le Mat” (reference to Tarot fortune telling cards) in Montpellier south of France. He also Created the magazine “Rifuel-Fanglant” (that means “blood-rite” pronounced with a lisp!) At the same time, he’s also singing and performing with an impetuous energy in the noisy rock’n’roll boy’s-band “Adolf Hibou”. As he is involved in various artistic disciplines,

In his drawing work, representing his own themes and obsessions. The artist shows us in different sizes and supports various things, switching from a style to another through graphic improvisations with meticulous and mastered lines with the finest Rotring pen or big felt pen that stains. The pleasure of surprising leads Nils Bertho, and for him, artworks bring about pure emotions. Punk, underground comics, raw art, cinema bis, all in reference to bad taste make the net of his own universe. Here the occasion to discover his monstrous bestiary, his hybrid world in which he enjoys playing with a confusing humour. – ✪

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