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Nine Lives – Cats in Istanbul (2015)

Ever wondered what all those stray cats do the whole day?
February '16

Ever wondered what all those stray cats do the whole day? Here’s your answer. A great chance to see feline residents of central Istanbul neighbourhoods like Galata, Cihangir, Feriköy, Kuzguncuk. Who they go to for food, whose market stall they choose to sleep on, where they hide their kittens, what does being an alpha require, and all the other questions that keep you awake until 4 a.m. after watching that one cat video before bed and you just could not say no to another. As humans around them personate, give background information and talk about nine Istanbul cats, the cats, not giving a shit as usual, take us around the city. 80 minutes of pure joy.

Born in Istanbul, Ceyda Torun studied Anthropology at Boston University, returned to Istanbul to assist director Reha Erdem and then off to London to work alongside producer Chris Auty. She returned to the US and co-founded Termite Films with cinematographer Charlie Wuppermann and has since directed her first feature documentary Kedi (2015). ✪


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