The only women's magazine published with the approval of the Nazi propaganda ministry is NS-Frauen-Warte.
September '12

NS-Frauen-Warte, the only women’s magazine published with the approval of the Nazi propaganda ministry, was published in 1941-45 to reflect on the importance of motherhood in society and the value of housewife for the nationalist state and society.

Among the main topics of the magazine were Soviet and British hostilities, poems trying to instill a sense of immortality in children, articles encouraging women to have children, the social dangers of intellectual thought, and propaganda titles such as the Nazis’ work against women and children.


“The soul is made visible in the body over time.” Nietzsche was convinced of this. It cannot be a coincidence that those who are purely intellectual are ugly. I see people who have nothing but something. I call them “cripples.” The intellectual person is crippled; his soul is swollen with disease in contrast to his weak physique; he is pale, ugly in size, bloodless and pale, like a rootless plant in a pantry. That is why the green with its root is green and full of resentment toward all that is near the soil of the true spirit.

– The Spirit of the Race

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