[PRAG 83] A Hunger Artist

A Kafkaesque path of folk.
March '16

Spring will bring us some fantastic Experimental Folk/Rock, deeply inspired by the works of Franz Kafka. On the upcoming album ”Metamorphoses”, scheduled for release spring 2016, German PRAG 83 delivers mellow, sublime and dark alternate folk – rugged to the bone and close to earth.

It was a Sunday evening at the most blustery time in the autumn of 2015. Herr K., a musician, was sitting in his private room on the fourth floor of one of the high, poorly-constructed houses extending in a long row along the river, almost indistinguishable from each other except for their height and colour. He had just finished a song, had listened to it in a pondering manner, and then was looking, elbows propped on the writing table, out of the window at the river, the bridge, and the houses on the other side with their dim grey facades.
He was thinking about how this song – being satisfied with the atmosphere – could actually be the beginning of an album dedicated to Franz Kafka and his works. He was trying to capture a number of different moods he felt while reading the stories and put them into a musical form. As he continued, more tracks arose, and ‘Metamorpheses’ was born.

PRAG 83 – a solitary walk through murky streets, a Kafkaesque path leading to a repulsing castle. Is it possible to reveal what’s behind? “It is possible,” says the gatekeeper, “but not now.”

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