Sink – Ark of Contempt and Anger

On previous albums, Sink have experimented with elements from black metal, neoclassical, noise and drone but Ark of Contempt and Anger creates soundscapes from a new and undeniably unique perspective. Experience a progressive exploration of causality through Sink’s portrayal of the existence of mankind and its self-awareness, painted with rich and complex compositions and enigmatic lyrics. The history of music is merely fuel to be burned in whatever manner Sink chooses. While a homage to a wide range of musical movements can be heard on this album, Ark of Contempt and Anger pays respect to no one.

SINK has always been about challenging one’s self one way or another.

“It was late 2012 when the title Ark of Contempt and Anger was coined. I have very vivid memories of that moment. We’d just finished mixing The Holy Testament 2 and felt we were done with this kind of music. And that’s when we laid the foundations for this record. Jesus was a thief and so are we. But who’s to blame? Boundaries sometimes give greater freedom. Sometimes one must use discipline as an aesthetic as well as a moral virtue. Music creates order just like violence gives structure. We are indeed six meals away from witnessing it. To hell with these modern troubadours. There’s no need to reach for the cosmos – as far as I’m concerned, we’re living in it. The keywords here are pleasure, urge and satisfaction. Music is the law of nature. Who am I to judge? We are merely servants of the flock. To sum it all up, I think we made a good record. I hope you like it.”

– Aarno Kankaanpää, Sink 2016


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