Spiritus Mundi: An anthology of practical occult techniques

A new anthology from the creators of Cunning Folk.
September '22

When does creativity become spiritual? A gathering of curious minds explores this question in an inspiring new anthology of writing from the creators of beloved esoteric journal Cunning Folk.

Spiritus Mundi, a term employed by poet W. B. Yeats, describes the realm from which all creative and magical inspiration springs. Translated as “the spirit of the world,” it has also been called the fifth element or quintessence.

The writers in this anthology provide pathways into this sacred world through fiction, poetry, and essays on practical occult techniques—including invocation, cartomancy, and scrying—each accompanied by topical writing prompts.

Spiritus Mundi is edited by Elizabeth Kim and illustrated throughout by Kaitlynn Copithorne, the creative team behind the acclaimed Cunning Folk series. The list of contributors to this anthology includes Jen Campbell, CAConrad, Leon Craig, Ella Duffy, Yasmina Floyer, Emma Glass, Nikita Gill, Pam Grossman, Camilla Grudova, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Naomi Ishiguro, Callum James, Wanjikũ Wa Ngũgĩ, Leone Ross, Alice Slater, Rebecca Tamás, Sharlene Teo, and Stephanie Victoire.


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