Summer Effect – Starting Over


Summer Effect - Starting Over 2Summer Effect is a post­rock band from Indonesia which was formed in early 2012. Ibo (drums, keys) is the founder. At the end of 2011, he met Aroel (guitar, keys), and since then they have been playing as an instrumental band which blends shoegaze, ambient and post­rock.

The band started as a wish to create new atmosphere; reflecting their tastes in music and other forms of art. They create their compositions with simple chord progression bars, wrapped with a pounding drum beats, harmonized guitar tones and a bit of distortion. Then the songs get slowly begin to evolve to shoegaze, ambient and post­rock to produce certain vibrations of atmosphere.

The band often met in studio and recorded their music and distributed them for free. Receiving positive comments from some friends and community has motivated them to continue making more songs.
After their debut release “Take a Rest” which was a collection of these free downloads, the band signed with the record label and Fluttery Records is happy to release their fresh recordings: “Starting Over”. The band members say that they have found tranquility and peace in post­rock music.

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