Surreal – psychedelic jam gems from Italy

 Le Stelle di Mario Schifano

Mario Schifano was for “Le Stelle” (“The Stars”) what was Andy Warhol for The Velvet Underground.This pop-art sculptor and painter formed the group in 1967 and recorded this masterpiece in Rome.The first side, the 18 minute surreal – psychedelic  jam “Last Words of Brandimarte”

Gruppo 2001

GRUPPO 2001 released their only album “L’Alba Di Domani” in 1972. The album, though, might not appeal to everyone. In fact, even the beginning of the LP is deceiving. The first track sounds like typical 70s Italian prog.

Le Orme – Ad Gloriam – 1969

First album from 1969 by italian legendary band.
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 Circus 2000

Debut album from 1970 sounds like Jefferson Airplane Female vocals.  with a very short running time, with strong californian psych influence and the beautiful female voice of Silvana Aliotta above all. A mediocre album, not representative of the Italian style, yet it’s regarded by many as a very nice one. I am the witch (also on single in the Italian version Io, la strega) is one of the best cuts.


Jacula-Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus

“Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus” is a truly like or hate it album. Some just call this a bunch of Satanic nonsense, others call it spooky and Gothic.

Area – Maledetti


Alphataurus – Alphataurus (1973)

Laser – Vita sul pianeta


Saint Just – 1970

De De Lind – Io Non So Da Dove Vengo …(1973)

Progressive Band based in Milan.

The Psycheground Group

Obscure progressive rock group with members of Nuova Idea.

The Group – The Feedback (1970)

Experimental jazz-rock recorded in 1970 by Italian supergroup that included Ennio Morricone.


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