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[Mixtape] Tevfik Sonder

Tevfik Sonder was born in 1951 in Istanbul. After German High School in the 1969 National High School competition, he formed a group called Sıfır Virgül Bir/Zero Comma One and released a record called Geçici olarak yukarısı/Temporarily Above from Melody Records in 1970 and then went to Germany. After playing in a number of rock bands in Germany, he returned to Turkey in 1991. After a few jingles and similar works, Tevfik Sonder, who signed with Serar Ateşer in the song Olympus Resident on Serdar Ateşer’s album Avdet Seyri, recently makes video art with computer experimental music and Feyyaz Karabağ living in Germany.


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