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The Black Heart Rebellion – People, When You See The Smoke, Do Not Think It Is Fields They’re Burning

Ten years down the road and The Black Heart Rebellion (T.B.H.R.) are still steadily evolving. Tribal influences are slowly permeating an irreversible change in T.B.H.R. who invite their audience to listen closely to their third studio album titled, People when you see the smoke, do not think it is fields they’re burning.

Every recording is an exercise that shares the research for what might be their next sound.  The new album is as much a snapshot of the present, as a prediction for the future of the band.  Where Har Nevo (2013) promised a golden land, the path of its successor is not without trial.  Har Nevo revealed a crossroad of possible outcomes, and in little more than a year T.B.H.R. found an answer.  New directions have found their way into their music, telling us that the search may never be over.

The elements that bound Har Nevo together have been dismantled and restored.  Born again in a more consistent ambient character, that may in the end replace the violent crash of cymbals and screeching distortion of guitars. The new album definitely marks an end of sorts, it is pointing towards something on the horizon, an image or a sound coming into being.


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