The Last Surrealist – Hypogean Blood Fractals For A Hypnagogic Sleep

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“hypogean blood fractals for a hypnagogic sleep” is an unexpected meditative journey through the true nature of the universe surrounding us. A search for god in aesthetic soundscapes as seen through the eyes of a perpetually depressed human being. This thing we call god is sound frequencies moving like particles through the body. It is such a beautiful crystalline thing. It’s so harsh to compare it to the very extreme of the mind leaving the body and only blood behind. Don’t even worry about burying me. Just play something nice at the funeral.

At it’s core, this is a post black metal experimentation. Taking aesthetics and themes common in the black metal genre, I have created a mutation that is light yet oppressive, exploring multiple genres and philosophical concepts difficult to put into words. At the end of the day, it is more about what is felt than simply what is heard.

All material is composed and performed by Chris Romans (The Last Surrealist) with guest musicians Jon Savard (drone guitar on track #3) and Marisa Frantz (guest vocals on track #5).


1. in the all consuming fires of sodom and gomorrah we make love
2. to lie with beauty on empyrean shores
3. you can’t quantize my feelings (drifting through the petricor)
4. i surrender all holy blood
5. i met god in the caves to xibalba. she told me to surrender. so i did… ✪

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