This Makes Us Human

This Makes Us Human debut album is the first release of Fluttery Records in 2017. It reflects the band’s experience and it harvests everything they seeded in the previous years. Every song is a tale which draws images in the listener’s mind, linked by an untouchable weave sewed by fiery hands. These images reflect both the calm nature of the band in creating soundscapes and the violent but elegant flow that springs from the flawless harmony of their ideas.

Hypnotic guitar riffs and powerful rhythmics create modern symphonies that let their listeners be part of the deep emotional mood created by these atmospheres. This Makes Us Human is a temporary oasis for the ones looking for a moment of inner peace.


Futuristika is a Nantes-Istanbul-Paris based zine, dedicated to counter-culture in all of its various forms. The magazine is a collective of articles on any subject that is grotesque, public enemy, pleasurable, weird on a variety of themes such as fine arts, music, literature, cinema, culture, politics and violence.