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We Stood Like Kings – USSR 1926

USSR 1926
a live soundtrack to Dziga Vertov’s A Sixth Part of the World

This new soundtrack project was composed and recorded between the end of 2014 and the summer of 2015. It will be released in October 2015 on vinyl and CD by the German label Kapitän Platte, followed by a 6-week promotional tour across Europe.

“The films of Dziga Vertov display a persistent fascination with travel. Movement across vast spaces is perhaps the most recurrent motif in his oeuvre, and the cine-race [kino-probeg] — a genre developed by Vertov’s group of filmmakers, the Kinoks 1 — stands as an encompassing metaphor for Vertov’s own work. His cinematographic journeys transported viewers to the most remote as well as to the most advanced sites of the Soviet universe, creating a heterogeneous cine-world stretching from the desert to the icy tundra and featuring customs, costumes, and cultural practices unfamiliar to most of his audience.”
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Length : 74 minutes

Tracklist : 1. Capital – 2. Downfall – 3. Siberian Taiga – 4. Are you a master too? – 5. Kremlin – 6. Immense Wealth – 7. Caravans – 8. Samoyedes – 9. The Black Sea – 10. Icebreaker Lenin – 11. Volchovstroy ✪

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