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What Aleph Said

What Aleph Said is a four-piece band playing instrumental music, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Aeonia was recorded during the peak of the pandemic at Studio de la Fonderie (Fribourg, Switzerland). It was live-recorded and mixed by Chris Noth (Fireantmusic) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). The name of the album makes a hint at the idea of permanence, which already stands in the band’s name, and is a recurring concept throughout their compositions.

The album includes five tracks that lead listeners into a musical world that combines influences from post-rock, progressive rock as well as stoner. The album opens up with “Aorta”, a long track which is an invitation to journey across several distinct atmospheres, eventually leading to an epic ending. “Elephant”, the stoner track of the album so to speak, is pretty straightforward and heavy, with a progression to faster tempos fringed with the type of melodies that stick in your head. “Introspection”, track number 3, really showcases What Aleph Said’s Middle-Eastern influences. “Nostalgic”, a more classical track, taking the listener to some sort of bitter-sweet night flight through one’s life. The album ends with rather obscure and cave-sounding arpeggios of “Pyra”.

For this album, the band has worked with the Swiss-based visual artist Eva Marzi, with whom they have a long-lived collaboration, taking back to their very first EP. This joint effort definitely brings out the visual identity of the band with this handmade engraving album cover. ✪