Enzo Garza: Monsters, ghouls and trouble

Interview: Erman Akçay.
February '16

Enzo, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello. I go by the name Enzo Garza, I create and destroy many things in life. Right now, I’m working on a handful of projects that will manifest in 2016. My main bag is monsters, ghouls and trouble etcetera.

How long have you been active in the comic strips arena?

I’ve been working on and off for years now, with only a handful of works currently out there.

What kind of works have you pursued until now?

Honestly, anything I can dig.

You mostly seem to produce independent books. Can you tell us about your Sensation BOOM and Mik-Viktor characters?

I love the independent and DIY comics and get a real kick out of seeing people produce them.

As for Sensation BOOM, it’s a mini comic I started in 2010 when I ushered at a local movie theatre. I would always carry scratch paper and sketch. Then one day I folded a paper in half and created a 2 page mini comic called Sensation BOOM. The main idea being on page 1 a monster or ghoul would show up only to be blown apart by Sensation BOOM on page 2. It all carried on and I ended up producing 10 issues of a four page mini comic. 2016 will see Sensation BOOM return with a run of larger mini comics and will flesh out more about the main character. One thing I really like about him is he’s just this homeless drifter with the ability to explode and regenerate. He’s got a short temper and dresses in found clothing. The whole monster and creature brawling is just a small part of it.

Mik-Vikor, a warrior leech from the earth’s core, came to be after my wanting to join in Simone Angelini’s Intergalactic Tournament of MAZZATE* (a comic book fight club). Mazzate being a place were creators come together to have their characters fight each other to the death via animation. It was a blast to design such a horrid creature like Mik-Viktor and all the more rewarding seeing the entire fight unfold.”



Are the comic strips of Mik-Viktor going to be published or is it only a character design?

Mik-Viktor is definitely a comic I want to now make, he’s a mean motherfucker and I dig him greatly.  I’ll have a Mik-Viktor comic out in early 2016.

As foreign readers, we got to know American comic strips as super heroes except for some examples like CREEPY and EERIE. However, in time, an alternative scene which includes illustrators like Robert Crumb and the visibility of underground comics surfaced. Can you tell us briefly about American underground comic strips?

My introduction to comics outside of Marvel and DC came at an early age from my father’s copies of Creepy and Eerie magazine. I loved all the chaos and horror within the pages and those covers were incredible. Richard Corben was definitely a favorite of mine. Most of my copies had water damage due to my father’s comics being in a flood. Beyond the water damage I would also find these pages all penned up by his ex-wife. Something my father would later tell me was because she didn’t like comics and thought they were stupid. It wasn’t until later in life I discovered the works of Robert Crumb and those in the pages of Zap Comix. I had never seen such freedom, lust, rage, fear and doubt portrayed in such a way. Add to that the copious amounts of sex and perversion, it was all so incredible to behold.

Your favourite illustrators and/or favourite comic books?

Right now I’m really enjoying the works of Matthew Allison (Cankor), Ofloda Monstro, Benjamin Marra (Terror Assaulter: O.M.W.O.T.), Pedro Mancini (Alien Triste), Jason (You Can’t Get There From Here), Chuck Forsman (Revenger),  Simone Angelini (Anubi), Alexis Ziritt (Space Riders) and Michel Fiffe (Copra) to name a very few.

On what year did you get involved in this movement?

I suppose my beginnings in the movement occurred the moment I created my own comics and photocopied them for distribution. Honestly, I don’t feel I’m bringing anything to the table right now. At least enough to commentate on the medium as a whole. We’ll see how it all goes once I actually put something of worth out there.

I guess you’re into horror and monster movies. I was very surprised when I read and found out that Godzilla which we know from Japanese cinema was actually inspired by a much older American movie “Phantom from 10.000 Leagues”. What do you think? Which one is more successful in monster movies?

Godzilla’s an old friend of the family, I’d say no one really stands a chance against the real King of the Monsters.

Can you tell us your favourite movies in the genre of B-movies and horror movies?

Growing up I have such fond memories of Horror movies and the B-movie as a whole. VHS was big during my youth and I spent lots of time growing my collection. Much in thanks to the ability to record the movies we would rent from our local video store. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead (1990), Re-Animator and Child’s Play. I have an early memory as a child being terribly scared of Pet Cemetery.

What are you working on now. Are there any books you’re planning to publish in the near future?

I’m currently working on Sensation BOOM with plans to release the first issue in early 2016. As for the near future, that belongs to Mik-Viktor and a comic I’m very pleased with called Kelp. I’m very anxious for that one, it’s certainly something I’ve poured my self into and can’t wait to share with everyone.



For MAZZATE comic book fight club: http://mazzatemazzate.tumblr.com/ ✪


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