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[Voivod] Heads Up: Synchro Anarchy

Weirdo prog-thrash titans Voivod join the melee of early 2022 releases with the upcoming Synchro Anarchy, which will be released on February 11 via Century Media. New Voivod is always a thrill, and yet there is no music from the…

A new song from Maybeshewill: ‘Green Unpleasant Land’

MAYBESHEWILL have released a brand new song. The new song, titled Green Unpleasant Land, is taken from the post-rock band’s upcoming new album, No Feeling Is Final. The new song is inspired by the 2020 book of the same name by Professor Corinne…

Builders – Beatin Hearts

It’s hard to figure why 9/10 Christchurch author and songwriter Bill Direen hasn’t been accorded the legend status of many of his peers from the New Zealand pop underground.

Soundtracking the horrors of totalitarianism

Partly inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre's short story of the same name, The Childhood Of A Leader is a tense psychological drama tracing the formative years of a young boy and set against the backdrop of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference that led to the establishment of the Treaty of Versailles. Walker continues to work with long-term collaborators Peter Walsh (co-producer) and Mark Warman (musical director), with the latter conducting an orchestra comprised of 46 string players and 16 brass for the studio recording.


The name Neckbolt might evoke images of Frankenstein’s monster’s appendages, or it might suggest a critical piece of guitar hardware.

No Future: Punk and the Underground Graphic Novel

photo of man playing guitar
Punk visual culture was immediate, ephemeral and transitory, defying claims to longevity and to seriousness. It would be no surprise then that this visual culture would draw on the comic strip – the almost archetypal instance of a transitory and debased form for the usual arbiters of culture.