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Bu yazı 6 yearsliktir ve [Futuristika!] mevcut editöryal anlayışını yansıtmama ihtimali yüksektir. Lütfen bunu göz önünde bulundurup okuyunuz veya hiç okumayınız. [Behold. This post is pretty old. Please keep its age in your mind while reading.]

[OP3] Hope

OP3 is an ambient and atmospheric musicl journey, borrowing elements from different genres of music such as modern classical composition, jazz, electro and folk rhythms all coming together to provide the listener with a unique audio experience. Hope by OP3 frrom Greece is a concept album with a unique story written by Dimitris Mitropapas. A short and symbolic title that seems to be the best choice in order to fully express what the main theme of the album is all about. While it’s been written and composed mostly by one person, the addition of the live members / band during the making of the album, made the process blossom with new ideas and extra touches from every musician involved.

“Creating art this way is almost a magical experience.”, says Dimitris. “It definitely transformed the album from a solely personal expression into a unique piece of art, being shared and cherished by more people. ”The sound of the album is focused on the atmospheric, ambient elements provided by the minimalistic piano themes, haunting cello lines and heart­touching violin melodies. Electronics and the use of a variety of home made sounds, gave the album an even more unique “feel” to it.


A girl named Melanie wakes up inside a strange room, in a futuristic city. She doesn’t seem to know the reason of her appearance there. Melanie tries to find a way to connect all the clues leading to this event as well as an escape out of there.

As a few last words regarding this release, we’d like to strongly advise the audience / reader to experience the album as a whole, so they can fully witness what it actually has to offer. Each and every single one should feel free to interpret the album and the outcome of the story, with their own unique way.