We’re people with various disorders. We’ve been running off and online zine with odd intervals since January 2008. The period we have gone on hiatus or off the air is less than the time we publish. We went to hiatus in 2017, again. When the decision surfaced, there were nearly five thousand short/long texts on the site which is now slightly just over two thousand. We will continue to delete texts that reveal that they have expired retrospectively. It takes longer to erase than it does to write, and it’s more laborious. Texts also have a lifetime, obviously.

We reserve the right of our dissatisfaction and irritability, and our joy that resists entertainment. Perhaps: Actually, we want to make/become a golem. A body without a body. The pursuit for another being who is mouthless, non-verbal, as far as outside of the class judgements we know, a being that is not granted an aesthetic line/would not rely on an aesthetic line. Compressed to the outside of texts, words, the edge of music, videos, but demanding more, the sequence, collages… maybe an effusion towards the discomfiture of consciousness.

Or we’re in the zone. A damp intermediate zone that is reluctant to recognise the restriction of anything or anyone outside its borders. We are the testament of our own era; we are the defeat of our own story, if not we are the epitaph of someone else…

Despite all the commotion, the noise, and the ambition to live, our sole wish for you was to be madly loved[[Andre Breton]]; and in the meantime, our doubts about the possibility/necessity of this highly increased. So we still got vast hatred and please, remembering/assuming that grief is shaped by anger, let us start again at the end.

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