[László Krasznahorkai] Háborús Architektúra

In my hand is a five-disc publication. Perhaps it is – “publication” – the most accurate indication of genre. Laszlo’s novel War and War on the basis Krasznahorkai, bears Dukay Barnabas and Gabor Gado’s name, address: War architecture. MACZKAY Geza writing. The publication also shows that the author of War and War ta in 1999, […]

[László Krasznahorkai] Háborús Architektúra

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In my hand is a five-disc publication. Perhaps it is – “publication” – the most accurate indication of genre. Laszlo’s novel War and War on the basis Krasznahorkai, bears Dukay Barnabas and Gabor Gado’s name, address: War architecture. MACZKAY Geza writing.

The publication also shows that the author of War and War ta in 1999, someone told the Hungarian Radio (Csilla does happen to be blonde), and added to the music that was made ​​in 2007. On the other is not. Basically, the program guide very poor. Track-list obtained without a sentence Krasznahorkait (well, two), place name, and that “It is not the way of Heraclitus’ and mandatory credits. There’s a photo of the author of three; the cover, the design, the font size and most House of Terror quotes.

There’s a genre, or rather a medium: the audio book, and there’s a different genre older, it’s called sound game. The latter is a public service radio to death, at least kiveszésre considered – as if missing today. Audio books – and if it rarely opportunities: sound game – many are silent. The surprisingly high students sitting car at this time. Salesmen long journeys, managers in the traffic jam. I never thought of myself that way, but I have heard from many of my own ears, I am forced to believe it. Now that’s not going to listen – for all his faults and would be worth – because it physically impossible László Krasznahorkai mumble, whisper words leniently.. There is such a type of “better listen to me, because it’s important what I say, but do not expect to be louder.” And we listen better, so we have no chance of the car to understand.

What is it? Many of everything, including the public service radio. When Krasznahorkait same team radio (George Magos director, playwright Victor Varga) was first called into the studio for a few years before the war, and war was even been able to in full – time műsorstruktúrára twist – read short stories prisoner of Urga. Then they began the new winds blowing – Fifty-five minutes and had to squeeze in a novel. Reader instead left the thickening – this can be heard on CD now. (Then came yet another winds, more modern program structure – but that is not the subject of this criticism). There is certainly a beautiful, lyrical explanation is that Miklos Mészöly Krasznahorkai wanted to show new work, but Mészöly’s health was no longer possible to read his story – he told him (more precisely to each other). This is fixed. As far as I know, the truth is more prosaic explanation, the author of the lyric is more motivation, if ever so nice as well. There is also Krasznahorkai website, adaptation is a CD-ROM version, and that the novel (written) text tells the origin story too, arrived in Isaiah, as well as the novel’s actual completion.

So far, the circumstances are. And he has been a contentious issue that Krasznahorkai fantastic storyteller (although the fifth disc that is several chapters of the novel condenses together, I feel less successful). Each disc in one breath said, which is a huge feat, although sometimes in terms of sense of time – quotes (read) literally himself – not even briefly. Exactly what you read, I feel that the key issue. Most chapters of the “inner story” will be given literally – but as the novel internal repeats itself, the parts can be read as if they would say the same thing. These details Falke, Kasser, Bengazza Toot and history is always hope and reményvesztésről speak – the beauty of the destruction of the peace a chance. This is important as it gets for this reason the “inside story” (and all of human history), War and the War address. It is also important to repeat (ie the ones that Krasznahorkai what you read on): “Not the way Heraclitus’, that certainly we fell into the same river – the four double-fictional character, George simply a fictitious Korim and humanity.

It is also important to the storytelling itself. Another double twist: the novel inside the novel and the story of his own Korim tells the story of another, and another. Here, the author tells the story of the whole thing where literally where concentrated. Remembrance – this is what some of the two sentences, which is about the essence of the memorial provision has nothing to do with reality, but the essence is there. We must therefore accept that if the author remembers his own novel, then (for) that is the essence of the work, and what reads to (for) most important (can not rely merely memories).

The sounding novel completion Krasznahorkai (!, Not Georgian) Find a way out, and therefore contains the truth than fiction: the story of the Schaffhausen museum wall placards and text. “The finish will look at the reality,” writes the author of the website (ie the CD-ROM), because the reality is more flexible, more permissive than fiction. Perhaps, but in the novel it’s sounding more direct transition – you could say: well Krasznahorkai spoiling what they built there so much.

Among the novel written and spoken material for an even bigger difference is the language. The storyteller same language Krasznahorkai ornate and beautiful, yet simple and transparent in the sentence. And as if they were also read out statements – that turns out to be even more certainly written novel externality is a block-say-in-a-section than the real linguistic complexity. Compared reeds multi-level, very “loaded” a sentence – it seems – especially Krasznahorkai next order master; EPG appeared phrase (which explores the remembrance) is therefore misleading: probably the most difficult issue to understand (in my opinion the weakest) sentence …

We also speak to the publication’s music fits. The music fits the audiobook title tracks fejezetcímeibe. We hear all the music section (sheet) at the beginning and at the end – not elsewhere. A kind of music we can speak up and drain well, and if Dukay Barnabas and Gabor Gado creations after listening to each other, we do not feel them very large difference, or no name. I do not know what it was like in the radio version’s music, but it’s also used in music, and who therefore will take up to 5 CD is probably going to csalatkozni a total of just 26 minutes – basically meditative, sometimes eastern alignment inclined, so the three author is no stranger – Hearing material that would otherwise suitable accompanying music.

Overall, it gives a very beautiful and very likable novel extract of copyright, which is suitable as a reminder, even whet your appetite, but also listen to itself – that is a nice and likable novel can get this form. And it Krasznahorkai double brilliance.

Author: Geza Maczkay ✪