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Heinali And Matt Finney [Secret Admirer]


Oleg Shpudeiko a.k.a Heinali is a music composer and performer from Ukraine. Matt Finney is a spoken-word poet from USA. Their project called Heinali and Matt Finney was a treasure unnoticed. First EP “Conjoined” and the album “Ain’t No Night” are haunting examples for dark ambient and their own tag “doom-gaze”.

[Heinali and Matt Finney]

Black Metal for Supermodels

As the project ended, fans had been waiting for something new. It was no secret that they had been locked away working on new stuff.

Heinali and Matt Finney are back with a new project called Secret Admirer.  And there is this third member of the band Andrew Helinski who is also in the Canadian black metal band Gilded Lily. Helinkski is the other vocalist and lyricist and he does the artwork as well.

Secret Admirer has released two “teaser” songs. “The whole idea of this project was to make black metal for supermodels” says Finney.

“Billowing Perfume” will be on the album to be released in this year.


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