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Duo Concertantes [Lawrence Jordan, 1964]

Jordan's collage films are an early example of animation that steadfastly moves beyond the pigeonhole of entertainment to explore experimental animation as an art form.

Larisa Shepitko’s “The Ascent”: An Archaic Iconography

The Ascent draws on “the great ‘storehouse’ of those images and symbols without which there is no ‘great tradition’ transmitted from generation to generation.” The film’s narrative imitates the events of the Passion, but, what is perhaps more important, it appropriates the iconography of its depiction in Western art.

Letters from a Dead Man

“Pisma myortvogo cheloveka” screen evening in Avam Kahvesi, Kadıköy, Istanbul. Konstantin Lopushansky, who worked on Tarkovsky’s Stalker as well as making the brilliant Strugatsky brothers adaptation Gadkie Lebedi (Ugly Swans) is in fine form here. Letters from a Dead Man…

Spalovac mrtvol (1969) / The Cremator

The Cremator is Juraj Herz’s unsettling 1968 effort about a deeply macabre man who slowly becomes a monster. The film has been enjoying somewhat of a revival of late, having been screened at a number of festivals, and even though…

An Interview with Klaus Maeck

Jack Sargeant: What other films and work were you engaged with prior to Decoder? Klaus Maeck: My first film was a ten-minute experiment on 16mm, with a group of young students at some kind of youth hostel programm,called Dream. That…

[Jr Robinson] Beau Soleil

“Beau Soleil” means beautiful sun in French, and Robert Beausoleil was born on November 26th, 1947 in Santa Barbara California, a place neither geographically nor temporally distant from December of 1946, 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, where Crowleyans Jack Parsons and…