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Bu yazı 7 yearsliktir ve [Futuristika!] mevcut editöryal anlayışını yansıtmama ihtimali yüksektir. Lütfen bunu göz önünde bulundurup okuyunuz veya hiç okumayınız. [Behold. This post is pretty old. Please keep its age in your mind while reading.]

Beyza and the Man with his Broken Piano

Yellow is a stunning folksy, lo-fi acoustic album. It’s a collaborative effort of a Turkish Beyza and the Italian who releases his music as the Man with his Broken Piano. Now the Man with his Broken Piano has been featured on SRM in the past with a couple of EPs he recently released and submitted. This album I was in the dark about however, as it wasn’t submitted to my knowledge and I happened across in while looking for something completely unrelated. Yet with a long and distinctive name as he goes by it was obvious we were dealing with the same fellow. Two musicians Beyza Yazgan and A Man and His Broken Piano (Mauro Da Re). A continuous exchange of recordings between two artists. The flow of music between Istanbul, Warsaw and Venice lead to the creation of several songs.