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Collapse.Rebuild. – Fail Again, Fail Better

Collapse.Rebuild. is a post-rock band from Milan, Italy. The title of their debut Collapse.Rebuid album comes from a quote by well-known Samuel Beckett:” Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” and seems to perfectly embrace the philosophy of their music – and lives as well. Far from being interested in where their travels might take them, these guys seem to mostly enjoy the itinerary.

The group says that every song is actually a photograph, the sum of their emotions in that specific moment in time and space. As a result, in their music you can find post-rock as well as jazz and punk. There’s pretty much positive energy flowing, and liberty as well. “Just press play and let it go along by your own emotions and thoughts.”

They explain the band’s approach to music and writing process: “Up to now Collapse.Rebuild has been a happy marriage: We just decided that every single note and sound should be played with guitars, bass and drum; no electronics, no overdubs, so what you hear in the album is nothing else than what you hear live, there’s almost no editing in this album.”