Engelbert Kievernagel – Letters to Reinhard

Engelbert Kievernagel - Reinhard'a mektuplar 1Translation from pages 48 & 49.

Letter 1.

Dear Reinhard,   Berlin, January 20th, 1983

Today I would like to address a few words to you! I don’t know what I should write you. That I’m a fat stupid pig and a cunt, Ulrich and Stephan already told you – You have also seen my stupid perverted drawings. I would be very happy if we could work together -without financial interests of course. I am not coming only because of the paper sheet you promised and that I also would like to have -but also because I would like to be your nude model and would like to pose with lady socks and girdle on me. But only if you want to -in oil I would also find it horny and perverse. I make all nude model poses, from a solid position to subcultural. If you want to make me really horny, you have to make obscene speeches, then I will do anything you want. Since a long time I am looking for horny and perverted young people, who tells me I am a cunt, a fat pig and an asshole. Maybe you know a couple of guys who would piss on me -when I am naked. So that I will lay in their pee and sound like a fat whore in a pig stall. It has to be guys that piss very long. It would also work in the bath tub. But it’s also good on the floor and I would lick asses and suck dicks. As a naked slave I would like to get fucked and kicked in the ass. My big, fat perverted buttocks have to sway, up and down and roll, like a ship on the high see. I would also like to crawl with my big stomach over a shitfilled floor. But these are only suggestions, if they will come true – you have to decide.

Yours truly, the stupid fat pig, Engelbert Kievernagel,Glogauer-Str. 23- 1000 Berlin 36

If you only want to paint a simple picture of me, without sex and dirt, I would agree to that as well.

You can exhibit the paintings wherever you want, also in Kreuzberg.

Engelbrecht Kievemagel

Letter 2.

Dear Reinhard,

I received your kind letter and was happy to hear that you are interested in my proposal. I would like to be your naked slave and besides from posing naked, what I would do anyway – also clean and organize your place. You should be my master and treat me like a fat, horny, perverse whore. Every now and then you should give me a kick in my fat horny ass. At work no matter if I am a model or cleaning your place, it would be nice if you talk dirty to me, like you cunt, fat pig, asshole or cuntass. Maybe you would find your favorite position during the cleaning and tidying up work and then you could use it in your paintings and photographs. I would probably come once or twice a week. Without photos it is not going to work.

With friendly regards,

Engelbrecht Kievemagel, Glogauer-Strasse 23 – 1000 Berlin 36

Letter 3.

Dear Reinhard,   Berlin, October 26th, 1984

I have not heard from you in a long time – I hope you are doing well! Are you still painting and drawing? Are you still interested in my paintings? If you were, I would be prepared to give them to you! But you have to do me a love favor, whenever I wish you have to kick my fat horseass or beat me with the leather strap. You should kick or beat so that it really hurts. The number of slaps or kicks we have to negotiate beforehand – that will be the price of my paintings.

I have yet another surprise for you – a very special one: Around Christmas I would like to take a exclusive bath and I would like to take it at your place. You would play the leading part. I hope that you have enough space for that. The floor has to be waterproof, otherwise it is not going to work! I pay the same price as I would pay for the Sauna. I have to talk about this with you. When can I come by? Don’t worry, you only have to piss a lot! Beer from Aldi helps!

Engelbrekt Kievernagel – Wiener-Str. 57, CII 9- 1000 Berlin 36

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