Franco Brambilla: Invading the vintage

We have made a conversation with Franco Brambilla, an Italian retro sci-fi illustrator.
December '16

Where does your love for creating sci-fi scenes on cards come from?

I’m a sci-fi fan from when I was a kid, I’m almost 50 years old now but when I was young in the 70s and 80s sci fi was everywhere! Books, comics, movies and tv shows. “Invading the vintage” melt my love for old postcards with my love for scifi.

Franco Brambilla: Invading the vintage 2What’s your earliest memory regarding sci-fi?

Ah, the “Ufo” and “Space 1999” TV shows from Britain in the early 70s.

What are the main media you use in creating your work? Can you talk about how you use technology to assist you in your artwork?

I use 3d modelling programs and a lot of photoshop to create my works. I make the characters and I try to put them in the same prospective and light that are in the postcard I want to invade. I also repaint with painter the collage to better melt the 3d renders and the badly printed postcards.

That makes the trick.

What kind of places/spaces and in what kind of projects do you like to present your work best?

I’m open to any proposal. “Invading the vintage” have been hosted in group and solo art exhibits in Italy and abroad. Every time it has been fantastic.As illustrator I do book covers for

As an illustrator, I have been doing book covers for sci-fi books since the 90s. Since then I have been working for a sci-fi Italian book collection called Urania. This collection started in 1952! Over the years I made the covers for almost every famous scifi writer and I had the plesure to met some of them.

An italian writer that I love is Valerio Evangelisti, creator of “Eymerich the inquisetur” and Dario Tonani, author of the Mondo9 saga. I also know and love some of the italian connectivists such has Luka Kremo, Giovanni De Matteo and many others. I used “invading the vintage” postcards as Urania covers a couple times. Usually I do pure 3d illustrations for those books.

In your opinion, what is the music that accompanies your work?

I love electronic music, jazz, easy listening. these would be good soundtracks to watch the friendly invasions. But also on music I’m open to new sounds of the universe. ✪


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