Miroslav Tichy

What's up, what's really going on, is taking pictures of all of them.
January '17

Here’s the thing: In the 1960s, a man stopped shaving and combing his hair and beard. It kills the way you look, and it’s an example of how fathers shouldn’t be to their children. Miroslav Tichy, ’26 Moravian-born. Tailor boy. It comes from thorns, bright students who invent language at school and study it all the time. He’s an intellectual regular at Prague cafes. His students talk enthusiastically about his days as a teacher in fine arts. Uncomfortable with the war and subsequent communist rule, he leaves his job, many things, and starts hanging out in the parks. He makes sun baths on the roofs, ties the clothes together with a rope as they rot, day by day, as an antithesis character of the clean worker’s vision, integrates with the areas of the city, leaves his identity, appearance, and displays with a handmade camera, what is there, what is there in fact, everything. ✪


Alberto Savinio – Tragedy of Childhood


Antoine Volodine – Radiant Terminus