[Nest Egg] Respectable

Extremely modern take on the endless motorik jam.
September '15

Bathetic Records – By Asheville, NC’s zealous kraut-rock act, Nest Egg.

Nest Egg has already made a name for themselves with their amazing fog-heavy, zoned and honed live show. Warping minds and winning fans with their heady, atmospheric take on progressive, ethereal vibed-out rock music. Psychedelic when the mood turns mellow, but driving when they hit the gas and float the cosmic flux. Really, when you get right down to it, Nest Egg are bringing on a sound that few have had the ability to channel and refine with this level of mastery.

On Respectable, Nest Egg put their talent upfront, weaving in and out of time and space, with a heavy control of their dynamic. While they wear their influences on their sleeves, that of Popul Vuh, Amon Duul, early Pink Floyd (“Set The GPS To The Heart Of The Sun”), Neu, and the like; they’re passionate about presenting an extremely modern take on the endless motorik jam.

Recorded entirely on analog eight-track tape, Respectable is a warm, resonant sounding chunk of vinyl, the kind of space travel guide you put on and lose yourself in. This is music for finding your way through the galaxy, with the intent of never coming back. Fervent energy flows through the instruments to divine output. For all of its movement, repetition, and delay, this is a record that never loses focus, it never slides back, and it stays in the forefront for the duration demonstrating an immense level of talent at controlling the vibe. ✪


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