Piri Reis: Scream and survive

A screamo group from Malaysia goes with the name Piri Reis, because of the fact we Fütüristika crew consists jobless people, reached the group members from here, Kadikoy Istanbul and asked fucking why to Mira Sutan, vocalist of Piri Reis. Mira  explained that Piri Reis chose Piri Reis as a world should have known is a Ottoman admiral , geographer & cartographer, they admired him as a man who drew the first world map where is beyond the imagination in that era, the name also is quite unique for them and Malai screamo scene and they like it.

Piri Reis has been influenced by European screamo hardcore band Triztan Tzara,  Louise Cyphre , June Paik & La Quiete. Also, Amerikana hardcore bands like Orchid , Neil Perry , Saetia & Jerome’s Dream touched their gentle and angry hearts.

Brothers and sisters, we are angry people, shake up, we suggest hardcore, anger and screamo in difficult times. Just like anger in hardcore concerts, scream and stay up. ✪

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